An Exhibition, and Beyond.

Step into a world of empowerment and creativity as we welcome your visit here to The Broomfield Kids' Art Gallery website. This live two day event based in Broomfiled, Colorado is dedicated to children aged 3 to 13 who want to showcase their colorful paintings, imaginative drawings and creative sculptures to the general public, parents, peers and supporters. Our gallery brings out the wide spectrum of young talents that deserve a place in the spotlight for their creations. It's a place where the community can view the art and interact with many of the creatives in person while visiting. And for the creatives, this experience of acting on a cool opportunity and playing the real world 'creator' role with young professionalism is extremely powerful with an immediate effect.

The Driving Force Behind the Meaning.

This purpose driven event was initiated and is currently organized by Jeffrey Alumbaugh. After many years of experiencing the wonderful opportunity of being rock and roll's stage backdrop painter for numerous 70s and 80s classic rock bands still hitting the stages years later, it was time to slow that scene way down and focus on what's considered to be much more important now... the kids on our planet, starting locally. This is his testament towards the dedication, responsibility, and obligation of supporting the arts and other creative models by paying-it-forward to a well deserving crowd of eager opportunists.

Come Join This Special Event!

We invite you to join us in this special event where our vision is to cultivate an atmosphere of creativity, collaboration, and celebration. For young artists, it's a chance to share their creativity with the community and be celebrated for their unique talents. And for businesses, groups, families and individuals, it's an opportunity to support and invest in the local community while fostering a culture of creativity and innovation. Together, let's create an unforgettable experience that enables young kids to have the power and resources to bring the community together.

Thank You Businesses, Partners, and Volunteers for Your Kind Support!

Huge "Thank you!" to our sponsors, partners and volunteers who are helping make this event all it can be! We especially want to thank the kids, because they rock, and are making it the reality it's supposed to be. Much appreciated!

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